Dwight D. Eisenhower


62-31 (Public Domain)

Ida Stover Eisenhower
This photo was taken for the "Kansas Mother of the Year" award


62-53-2 (US Navy)

June 1956





62-53-6 (US Navy)

June 1956


62-53-10 (US Navy)

June 1956





62-54-2 (US Navy)

February 13, 1959


62-54 signed (US Navy)

February 13, 1959





62-56-4 (US Army)

November 19, 1947


62-56-B (US Army)

November 19, 1947





62-56-C (US Army)

November 19, 1947


62-59-6 (US Navy)

May 26, 1959





62-59-11 (US Navy)

May 26, 1959


62-296-1 (Public Domain)

c. 1898
First Eisenhower family home in Abilene after returning from Texas. L to R: Dwight, Edgar, Earl, Roy, Arthur





62-319 (Public Domain)

Eisenhower family photo.
Front Row L to R: David, Milton, Ida
Back Row L to R: Dwight, Edgar, Earl, Arthur, Roy


63-92 (US Army)






64-38-2 (Public Domain)

David and Ida Eisenhower wedding portrait


64-65 (US Army)






64-165-1 (Public Domain)

c. 1904
DDE and friends camping along the Smoky Hill River


64-165-B (Public Domain)

c. 1907
DDE and friends camping along the Smoky Hill River





64-167-2 (Public Domain)

This is the first known photograph of DDE. Arthur is holding Roy and DDE is sitting in front of Edgar.


64-170 (Public Domain)

DDE's high school graduation photo





64-172 (Public Domain)

DDE with his parents and two brothers. L to R: Milton, David, DDE, Ida, and Earl (and dog Flip)


64-320 (Public Domain)

Class photo at Lincoln School. DDE is in the front row, second from left





65-309-1 (US Army)

January 18, 1944
SHAEF Headquarters


65-309-5 (US Army)

January 18, 1944
SHAEF Headquarters





67-577-A (Public Domain)

Cropped from a photo of the entire student body in front of Abilene High School. DDE is third from right


67-631 (Public Domain)

L to R: Roy, Arthur, Earl, Edgar, David, DDE, Milton, and Ida





68-527-8 (US Army)

May 17, 1946
Kilauea Military Camp - Hawaii


70-731 (Source Unknown)

Ida Eisenhower cooking in her kitchen in the Eisenhower home





70-783 (Public Domain)

DDE with his mother, Ida Eisenhower


71-820 (Public Domain)

DDE's brothers, Milton and Earl, feeding the chickens





73-392-1 (US Army)



77-18-1426 (US Army)





77-18-1442 (US Army)


77-18-1502 (US Army)

August 22, 1966