Dwight D. Eisenhower with Celebrities


62-187 (NPS)

March 1956
Roy Rogers, Mamie Eisenhower, Barbara Eisenhower, John Eisenhower, Elivera Doud, DDE, and Dale Evans standing behind David Eisenhower at David's birthday party.


72-531 (NPS)

November 3, 1953
DDE with Helen Keller and Keller's companion Polly Thompson


72-1256-1 (NPS)

March 6, 1955
Mamie Eisenhower, DDE, Rev. Billy Graham and Dr. Edward Elson


72-1276-3 (NPS)

March 19, 1955
Joe E. Brown, Ray Bolger, Howard Keel, Connie Russell, DDE, Lena Horne, Liberace, and Sid Richardson


72-1774-3 (NPS)

June 7, 1956
Vic Damone, Jane Powell, DDE, Bob Hope, Pearl Bailey, and others


72-2228-1 (NPS)

May 10, 1957
DDE with Rev. Billy Graham


72-2237-5 (NPS)

May 14, 1957
DDE with Jackie Robinson and Joe E. Brown


72-2753-1 (NPS)

May 23, 1958
DDE with Harvey Lavan Cliburn and others