Atoms for Peace


72-595-11 (United Nations)

December 8, 1953
DDE delivering his Atoms for Peace speech before the U.N. General Assembly.


72-767-1 (NPS)

March 30,1954
DDE receives a report from Lewis L. Strauss, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, on the hydrogen bomb tests in the Pacific.


72-773 (NPS)

March 31, 1954
DDE and Lewis L. Strauss face questioners at a press conference.


72-1031-1 (NPS)

Augus 30, 1954
DDE signs H.R. 9757, an act "to amend the Atomic Energy Acto of 1946." The signing was witnessed in his office by various senators, congressmen and members of the Atomic Energy Commission.


72-1582-1 (NPS)

January 13, 1956
DDE with five of his top advisers who he summoned to discuss his Atoms for Peace program. L to R: Secretary of Treasury Humphrey, DDE, Secretary of State Dulles, Dillon Anderson, Lewis Strauss, Secretary of Defense Wilson