Ardennes Campaign - Battle of the Bulge


66-699-27 (US Army)

January 17, 1945
The 75th Infantry Division troops cross bridge leading to the town of Vielsalm, Belgium.


66-699-43 (US Army)

January 15, 1945
Some of the 83rd Division moving toward the front in the Houffalize sector, Belgium.


66-699-49 (US Army)

January 11, 1945
Pfc M.L. Dickens, East Omaha, Nebraska, Pvt Sunny Sundquist, Bremerton, Washington, Sgt Francis H. McCann, Middleton, Conn., of the 101st Airborne Division near Bastogne, Belgium, set out to rejoin their unit.


66-699-61 (US Army)

January 15, 1945
Infantrymen of the 3rd Armored Division advance under artillery fire in Pont-Le-Ban, Belgium.


66-699-63 (US Army)

January 13, 1945
A crashed plane near Remagne, Belgium.


66-699-69 (US Army)

January 12, 1945
Medics remove American casualty from the wood near Berle, Luxembourg.


66-699-86 (US Army)

January 15, 1945
The 26th Division Engineers return to their normal assignments after a brief tour of duty as infantry. Belgium


66-699-87 (US Army)

January 14, 1945
Two parachute infantrymen advance through a snow-covered wooded section near Henumont, Belgium.


66-699-88 (US Army)

January 15, 1945
Rendezvous for two elements of the 84th Division at an abandoned mill near River L'Ourt, Belgium.


66-699-106 (US Army)

January 11, 1945
Snow covered executive post of an artillery battalion near Rotgen, Germany.


66-699-108 (US Army)

January 15, 1945
Infantry supporting Engineers pass a knocked out German tank on their way to front at Compogne, Belgium.


66-699-109 (US Army)

January 15, 1945
First aid in the woods near Tittingen, Germany.


66-699-110 (US Army)

January 15, 1945
The first tank of a tank battalion passes a knocked out German tank on the road from Bertogne to Houffalize, Belgium.


66-699-112 (US Army)

January 16, 1945
A patrol of the 94th Division heads into the woods before the Siegfried Line in Nochern, Germany.


66-699-116 (US Army)

January 18, 1945
German boys in uniform in the Sauer River sector of Germany.


66-699-118 (US Army)

January 19, 1945
The passing of a blizzard in Wanne, Belgium.


66-699-120 (US Army)

January 21, 1945
A house to house search for snipers in Schoppen, Belgium, by men of the 1st Division.


66-699-122 (US Army)

January 21, 1945
Sgt. William Showers of Benezett, Pennsylvania, cleans the snow from the breech of his 57mm anti-tank gun in the woods near Courtil, Belgium.


66-699-123 (US Army)

January 21, 1945
Dead Nazi soldiers laying where they fell in Dendenburg, Belgium.


66-699-128 (US Army)

January 23, 1945
A Mark VI Tiger tank was rendered useless by tanks of th 6th Armored Division in Moinet, Belgium.


66-699-130 (US Army)

January 23, 1945
Sgt. William Phelps of San Antonio, Texas, a tanker of the 42nd Tank Battalion, mends his combat clothes in Steinbach, Belgium. He uses a sewing machine in front of tank and snow covers the ground.


66-699-132 (US Army)

January 23, 1945
Nazi officers were among the first prisoners to be taken by the 7th Armored Division in their drive on St. Vith, Belgium. Snow covers the ground.


66-699-133 (US Army)

January 24, 1945
A German medic carried his supplies in the two U.S. field glass cases hung on his belt when captured by the 1st Army at Butgenbach, Belgium. Snow covers the ground.


66-699-134 (US Army)

January 25, 1945
The 7th Armored Division make ready to move up after having given artillery support to the infantry in their battle for high ground near St. Vith, Belgium. Snow covers the ground.


66-699-135 (US Army)

January 24, 1945
St. Vith, Belgium, after the Germans had been evacuated by U.S. troops. Snow covers the ground.


66-699-139 (US Army)

January 24, 1945
Parachute infantry move on snow covered ground toward the front to keep up the pressure being applied to the Germans beyond St. Vith, Belgium.


66-699-140 (US Army)

January 24, 1945
Members of the 166th Engineers use a mechanical spreader in sanding the snow covered roads near Wiltz, Luxembourg.


66-699-143 (US Army)

January 23, 1945
Restringing "shrimp net" road screen in the Monschau area, Germany, after a violent snow storm brought them down.


66-699-144 (US Army)

January 26, 1945
Overturned German tank provides a bridge for 102nd Infantry Division troops crossing a small stream near Brachelen, Germany. Snow is on the ground.


66-699-148 (US Army)

January 26, 1945
Camouflaged men of the 406th Regiment give the town of Brachelen, Germany, a careful going over in their search for Nazi snipers.


71-425-1 (possibly US Army)

Janaury 13, 1945
Tank of 703rd Tank Battalion, 3rd Armored Division, moves past disabled German tank south of Langlir, Belgium.


71-425-3 (possibly US Army)

January 3,1945
Major General Thomas, Commander British 30th Corps, and Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery study situation maps at VII Corps Headquarters in Belgium.


71-425-4 (possibly US Army)

January 11, 1945
Captain Charles S. Quinn (right) of Louisville, Kentucky, bandages gangrene infected foot of Belgian refugee child in cellar of house in Ottre, Belgium. Captain Quinn is a battalion surgeon with the 83rd Division, First Army.


71-425-6 (US Army)

January 15, 1945
Pfc Frank Vukasin of Great Falls, Montana, stops to load clip in rifle while advancing in snow-covered front line sector at Houffalize, Belgium. In background, two dead German soldiers are wearing camouflage snow suits.


71-425-8 (possibly US Army)

January 1, 1945
Major General Maurice Rose (left) confers with Brigadier General Doyle O. Hickey as the column of armor which they are leading is temporarily held up by enemy artillery fire on the outskirts of Floret, Belgium.


71-426-2 (US Army)

December 26, 1944
L to R: Major General J. Lawton Collins, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery and Major General Matthew Ridgway after a conference in Mean, Belgium.