1953 Inauguration


68-350-3 (NPS)

January 20, 1953
A view of the Presidential section of the Inaugural Parade as it passes the large crowd of people lining the street



68-350-11 (NPS)

January 20, 1953
The Inaugural Parade pauses with Kansas Governor Edward F. Arn with two motorcycle escorts as one of the escorts goes over to shake hands with DDE during the Inaugural Parade



68-350-25 (NPS)

January 20, 1953
Vice President Nixon (right) and MDE (center), with big smiles, watch as DDE is lassoed by California cowboy Montie Montana as he passed the Presidential viewing section during the Inaugural Parade



68-350-30 (NPS)

January 20, 1953
DDE taking the oath of office, administered by Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson



68-350-34 (NPS)

January 20, 1953
DDE and MDE pose with guests attending the Inaugural Ball. Left to right: Guy Lombardo (standing behind an unidentified woman), Fred Waring (facing Mrs. Doud), Mrs. John S. Doud, Jeanette MacDonald, MDE, DDE, Lily Pons, and George Murphy



68-352-1 (NPS)

January 20, 1953
DDE takes the Oath of Office as President of the United States. Chief Justice Fred Vinson administers the oath



68-352-79 (NPS)

January 20, 1953
DDE and MDE wave to crowds during the Inaugural Parade


1953 Inaugural Committe Medal - Obverse

The 1953 Inaugural Committee commissioned these medals to be sold in conjunction with the Inauguration. The medals were designed by Walter Kirkland Hancock and produced by the Medallic Art Company. They were issued in various sizes in gold, bronze and silver.

1953 Inaugural Committe Medal - Reverse

1953 U.S. Mint Medal - Obverse

Not to be confused with the official Inaugural Medal, the United States Mint later produced a Medal commemorating Eisenhower's first term in office as part of their Presidential Series. This bronze medal was designed by Gilroy Roberts and Frank Gasparro and was produced in two sizes.

1953 U.S. Mint Medal - Reverse