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Ike and Mamie's Favorites

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Ike's Favorite Foods:

This information was culled from several lists prepared at different times by Eisenhower's staff in response to the inquiring public.

• Roast Stuffed Breast of Veal
Beef Stew
• Steak (rare)
Quail Hash

Ike's Vegetable Soup
• Chicken Noodle Soup

• Prune Whip
• English Rice Pudding
• Floating Island
Frosted Mint Delight
Mamie's Deep Dish Apple Pie
Mamie's Million Dollar Fudge
Mamie's Sugar Cookies

Fluffy Turnips
• President's Corn Pudding
• String Beans Almondine

This cookbook consists of Eisenhower's personal collection of recipes. These were either typed by his staff or clipped from print sources and pasted into the cookbook. Some recipes include the name of person who gave him the recipe. Individual recipes include Eisenhower's Vegetable Soup and Beef Stew; both were widely requested by the general public and reprinted in numerous newspapers.

NOTE: Recipes previously appearing in published sources may be subject to copyright restrictions.


Ike's Favorite Music:

The following list was prepared by White House personnel January 23, 1954.

• America the Beautiful
• Annie Laurie
• Army Blue
• Battle Hymn of the Republic
• Deep River
• Dixie
• Drigo's Serenade
• From Greenland's Icy Mountains
• Goin' Home
• God Bless America
• I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen
• In the Evening by the Moonlight
• In the Gloaming
• It's the Army
• Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair
• Juanita
• Kiss Me Again
• Last Round-up
• Listen to the Mocking Bird
• The Lord's Prayer
• Merry Widow Waltz
• My Maryland
• My Old Kentucky Home
• My Blue Heaven
• O Susannah
• Over There
• Old Man River
• Rosary
• Roses of Picardy
• Swanee River
• Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
• Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
• Tenting Tonight
• Tramp, Tramp, Tramp...The Boys are Marching
• There's Something About a Soldier
• Wagon Wheels

Additional listings compiled by Library staff:

Favorite Popular Melodies:
• Banks of the Wabash
• I Believe
• I Pass by Your Window
• O, What a Beautiful Morning
• Down Among the Sheltering Palms
• Jingle, Jingle, Jingle
• Greensleeves
• To a Wild Rose
• Serenade in the Night
• In the Still of the Night
• Stardust
• Moonlight and Roses
• Sleepy Lagoon
• Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes
•One Alone
• Time on My Hands

Sacred Music:
• O god Our Help in Ages Past
• Lead Kindly Light
• Abide With Me
• God of Our Fathers
• A Mighty Fortress is Our God
• God Moves in a Mysterious Way
• God of Our Life
• I Love to Tell the Story

Christmas Music:
• Silent Night
• Adeste Fidelis
• The First Noel

• The Palms
• Serenade by Drigo
• Clair de Lune
• Festival
• Dream of Olwen
• Song of Love
• Flirtation Waltz
• Amoureuse
• Barcarole
• Indian Summer
• Caucasian Love Song (a melody from Countess Maritza)
• Songs My Mother Taught Me (a melody from The Gypsy Baron)
• The Old Refrain
• The Student Prince Medley
• Deep in My Heart
• The entra acte and intermezzo from the Chocolate Soldier
• Funeral March of a Marionett
• Betthoven's Minuet Number 2 in G
• Nocturne by Schumann
• Medley from the Merry Widow
• Will You Remember?


Ike's Favorite Motto:

"Gently in Manner -- Strongly in Deed"

Latin inscription, "Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re", attributed to Claudio Aqua Viva. The "paperweight" Ike kept on his desk at the White House and later at the Gettysburg office, and now in the Eisenhower Museum displayed this inscription.


Favorite Colors:

Ike - None

Mamie - Pink, Yellow, Green (These were favorites in not only attire, but in decorating as well)


Favorite Flowers:

Ike - Carnations, Roses

Mamie - Pink Sweetheart Roses

"Mrs. Eisenhower's favorite flowers are the Violet, the Gardenia, the Azalea, and the Gladiola. I am likewise fond of these particular flowers but my own favorite is the Rose and of all varieties the yellow Rose ranks first in my estimation." ....letter signed Dwight D. Eisenhower dated August 24, 1967


Ike's Favorite Books:

• The Bible
• Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
• The works of Shakespeare
• For relaxation Ike read western novels


Favorite Bible Passage:

Ike - Although he expressed no real "favorite", the Bible was open to the following passages during his inaugurations...

• 1953 Inauguration - Psalm 127:1 and 2 Chronicles 7:14
• 1957 Inauguration - Psalm 33:12

Mamie Eisenhower - Psalm 91


Ike's Favorite Sports:

Ike was an accomplished athlete who always enjoyed the exercise, fresh air, relaxation, good companionship, and competition which various sports provided. His highly visible participation in sports as president, coupled with the national trend toward increased leisure time in the 1950s, helped to increase the popularity of certain sports such as golf and fishing and to accentuate a growing awareness of the need for regular exercise to maintain good health.

• Baseball
• Football
• Golf
• Fishing
• Hunting
• Horseback Riding


Favorite Hobbies:

Ike - Painting, Bridge, Cooking, Photography

Mamie - Bridge, Canasta, Scrabble