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The Origins of U.S. Sprint -
The Early Years of United Telecom:


Abilene Newspaper Accounts of Young C.L. Brown's Accident

The Abilene Weekly Democrat
The Abilene Weekly Chronicle
The Abilene Weekly Chronicle


Telegraph or Telephone

Abilene Gazette Weekly


Coon Invades Telephone Office

Telephony Magazine


Instructions for Use of Rural Line Telephones


The First Independent Telephone in Abilene in 1893

A Reminiscence by B. Frank Myers


Verckler Abstracts: 1891 - 1910


A History of the Development of the Telephone in Abilene, Kansas; 1879 - 1975
(Chapter II, Competition)

Beginnings: 1892 - 1899
Expansion: 1899 - 1900
The Brown Telephone Company: 1900 - 1902
A Big Move and Technological Improvements: 1902 - 1905
Rural Service and Long Distance Tolls: 1905 - 1909
Setbacks and Innovations: 1909 - 1910
The Eve of United Telephone: 1911