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Growing Up in Abilene, 1900:
Photo Album


Photographs, unless otherwise noted, are courtesy of the
Dickinson County Historical Society - restrictions unknown
For a larger view click on the photo caption

Mud Creek Abilene High School Football Team

Fishing, swimming, and skating
Mud Creek

photo 70-255-6 / public domain

Playing Football
Abilene High School

photo 64-168 / public domain


Abilene High School Orchestra Daily Chores

Music Lessons
Abilene High School Orchestra


Daily Chores
Eisenhower Boys Feeding Chickens

photo 71-820 / public domain


Abilene Brethren in Christ Church McKinley Elementary School

Sunday School
Brethren in Christ Church


Going to School
McKinley Elementary


Campout on Lyon Creek Abilene High School Baseball Team

Lyon Creek - Woodbine, KS

photo 64-165B / public domain

Playing Baseball
Abilene High School

photo 64-381 / public domain


Belle Springs Creamery Car Riding

Summer Jobs
Belle Springs Creamery

64-482A / public domain

"Car Riding"
66-62 / public domain