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Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum, and Boyhood Home
200 S.E. 4th Street
PO Box 339
Abilene, KS 67410
785-263-6700 or 877 RING IKE

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9:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. daily
Closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and
New Year's Day

Summer Hours
June & July
8:00 a.m. - 5:45 p.m.

Research Room Hours
M - F: 9:15 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
Closed 12:00 - 12:45
Closed on Federal Holidays

Admission Fee
$10 Adult
$9 Senior 62 & Over
$2 Ages 6-15
FREE Ages 5 & Under
FREE Active Military

Admission fee includes
admission to all buildings.


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LAMBIE, JAMES M., JR.: PAPERS, 1953-61. Member, personal staff of Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1952; Special Assistant in the White House, 1953-60; Assistant Staff Secretary, 1960-61. 2 feet.

LAMBIE, JAMES M., JR.: RECORDS, 1953-61. 25 feet.

LARKIN, THOMAS B.: PAPERS, 1910-67. Special Assistant to Governor of Canal Zone, Civil Defense, 1942; Chief of Staff, Headquarters, Services of Supply, U.S. Army Forces, British Isles, 1942-43; Commanding General, Services of Supply, North African Theater, 1943; Commander, Communications Zone, North African Theater, 1943-44; Commander, Headquarters, Southern Line of Communications, Communications Zone, European Theater, 1944-45; Commanding General, 2nd Service Command, Governors Island, N.Y., 1945; Quartermaster General, 1946-50. 3 feet.

LAROCCA, JOSEPH M.: PAPERS, 1942-96. Staff member, Vocational Rehabilitation Administration, 1946-60; Technical Director for Rehabilitation, White House Conference on Aging, 1959-60; Chief, Division of International Rehabilitation Activities, Vocational Rehabilitation Administration, Department of Health, Education and Welfare, 1960-67; Administrator, Rehabilitation Research and Training Center, George Washington University 1967-73; Health Planner, International Rescue Committee, 1973; Social Services Research Consultant, the Urban Institute, 1973-81; Senior Public Health Training Consultant, World Rehabilitation Fund, 1981-95. 5 feet.

LARSON, ARTHUR: PAPERS, 1932-88. Undersecretary of Labor, 1954-56; speech writer on White House staff, 1956-61; Director, World Rule of Law Research Center, Duke University, 1962-80. 8 feet.

LARSON, ARTHUR: RECORDS, 1915-61. Under Secretary of Labor, 1954-56; Director, U.S. Information Agency, 1956-57; Special Assistant to the President, 1957-58; Special Consultant to the President, 1958-61; and MALCOLM C. MOOS, Consultant, White House Office, 1957-58; Administrative Assistant to the President, 1958-60; Special Assistant to the President, 1960-61. 8 feet.

LARSON, G. EDWARD: PAPERS, 1942-93. Transportation Corps officer, Cherbourg, France, 1944-46; Aide to Harold Stassen, 1947-58; staff member, Department of the Interior, 1958-75. 1 foot.

LAWRENCE, JUSTUS BALDWIN: PAPERS, 1934-2003. Public Affairs Officer, ETOUSA, 1944-45; Public Affairs Officer, SHAPE, 1951-52; public relations consultant. -1 foot.

LEAHEY, GLADYS V.: PAPERS, 1953-72. Air Force officer, secretary to Lauris Norstad and Lyman Lemnitzer, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers, Europe, 1954-67. -1 foot. (closed pending processing) Review upon Demand

LEE, ERNEST R.: PAPERS, 1942-52. Aide to General Eisenhower, 1942-45.  Depository - Mrs. Ernest R. Lee. 1 reel. (microfilm)

LEE, JOHN M.: PAPERS, 1934-94. Naval officer, 1931-73; World War II service in the Pacific; staff member of U.S. representative to NATO, 1966-69; staff member of U.S. delegation to United Nations, 1969-70; Assistant Director of Military Division, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, 1970-73. 4 feet.

LEE, ROBERT E.: PAPERS, 1947-92. Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission, 1953-81. 2 feet.

LEE, WILLIAM LECEL: PAPERS, 1927-69. Organized Philippine Air Force under Douglas MacArthur, 1935-38; Commanding General, 49th Bomber Wing, 1944-45. 2 feet.

LEHMAN, JOHN H.: PAPERS, 1945-69. Attorney, Eisenhower Foundation and Eisenhower Presidential Library Commission. -1 foot. (closed pending processing) Review upon Demand

LEONARD, JOHN W.: PAPERS, 1908-79. U.S. Military Academy graduate, 1915; officer, 6th Infantry Regiment, 1917-20; officer, 15th Infantry Regiment, stationed in China, 1933-36; Commanding General, 9th Armored Division, 1942-45. 5 feet. (closed pending processing)

LEVA, MARX: PAPERS, 1938-91. Lawyer; Navy officer, 1942-46; Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, 1947-48; General Counsel, Department of Defense, 1948-49; Assistant Secretary of Defense, 1949-51; member, U.S. President's Committee to Study the Military Assistance Program (Draper Committee), 1958-59. 6 feet.

LILLY, EDWARD P.: PAPERS, 1928-78. Professor of History, Catholic University of America, 1940-44; Special Assistant to the Director, Office of War Information, 1944-45; Historical Advisor, Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1946-52; staff member, National Security Council, 1952-65. 24 feet.

LODGE, HENRY CABOT: SELECTED PAPERS, 1942-52. Campaign manager for Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1952; Senator from Massachusetts, 1946-53; U.S. representative to the United Nations and the U.N. Security Council, 1953-60. Depository - Massachusetts Historical Society. 1 reel. (microfilm)

LOOMIS, PAT: PAPERS, 1952-90. Staff member, Eisenhower campaign headquarters, 1952. -1 foot.

LORD, MARY PILLSBURY: PAPERS, 1941-72. U.S. representative, U.N. Human Rights Commission, 1953-61; U.S. alternate representative, U.N. General Assembly, 1953-59; U.S. delegate, U.N. General Assembly, 1958 and 1960. -1 foot.

LOVELACE, DELOS W.: PAPERS RE GENERAL "IKE" EISENHOWER, 1944. Author and newspaper writer. -1 foot.

LUCIER, RUBY NORMAN: LETTERS FROM DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, 1913-67. Childhood friend. -1 foot.

LUTES, LEROY: PAPERS, 1941-67. Director, Army Service Forces, 1942-45; Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander, Army Service Forces, 1945-46; Commanding General, Army Service Forces, 1946; Director, Service Supply and Procurement Division, 1946-47; Director of Staff of the Munitions Board, 1947-49; Commanding General, 4th Army, 1949-52. -1 foot. (photocopies and microfilm)

LYON, PAUL A.: PAPERS, 1952. Employee, Eisenhower for President Research Service, 1952. -1 foot.

LYONS, JOHN CORIDEN: PROPAGANDA LEAFLETS, 1944-45 AND 1950. Psychological Warfare Division, U.S. Army. -1 foot.

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