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Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum, and Boyhood Home
200 S.E. 4th Street
PO Box 339
Abilene, KS 67410
785-263-6700 or 877 RING IKE

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9:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. daily
Closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and
New Year's Day

Summer Hours
June & July
8:00 a.m. - 5:45 p.m.

Research Room Hours
M - F: 9:15 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
Closed 12:00 - 12:45
Closed on Federal Holidays

Admission Fee
$10 Adult
$9 Senior 62 & Over
$2 Ages 6-15
FREE Ages 5 & Under
FREE Active Military

Admission fee includes
admission to all buildings.


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Paarlberg, Don (OH-52) Economic advisor to Secretary of Agriculture, 1953-57; Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, 1957-58; Special Assistant to President for Economic Affairs, 1958-61; Coordinator of Food for Peace Program, 1960-61. (COHP) 1968. 165 pages.
Finding Aid • Transcript

Parker, Gen. Hugh A. (OH-326) Military associate of General Eisenhower; worked with the Philippine Air Force, 1935-37. (EL) 1972. 76 pages.
Finding AidTranscript

Patterson, Bradley H. Jr. (OH-225) Staff member, White House Secretariat, 1954-55; Assistant to the Secretary to the Cabinet, 1955-61. (COHP) 1968. 66 pages.
Finding Aid • Transcript

Patterson, Hugh Jr. (OH-263) Publisher, Arkansas Gazette, at time of Little Rock, Arkansas school integration crisis, 1957. (COHP) 1970. 86 pages.
Finding Aid • Transcript

Patterson, John S. (OH-226) Deputy Administrator, Veterans Administration (VA), 1954-57; Deputy Director, Office of Defense Mobilization (ODM), 1957-58; Deputy Director, Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization (OCDM), 1958-61. (COHP) 1970. 55 pages.
Finding Aid • Transcript

Paul, Charles (OH-493) Chairman, Washington State Taft for President organization. (EL) 1972. 28 pages.
Finding AidTranscript

Pearkes, Gen. George R. (OH-339) Commanding General, Canadian Pacific Command, 1942-45; Canadian Minister of Defense, 1957-60. (EL) 1974. 53 pages.
Finding AidTranscript

Percy, Charles (OH-147) Special ambassador and personal representative of President to Presidential inauguration ceremonies in Peru and Bolivia, 1956; Vice Chairman, Republican National Finance Committee, 1957-59; Senator from Illinois, 1967-85. (COHP) 1970. 34 pages.
Finding Aid • Transcript

Persons, Wilton B. (OH-334) Active in the Eisenhower campaign of 1952; Deputy Assistant to the President, 1953-58; The Assistant to the President, 1958-61. (COHP) 1970. 163 pages.
Finding Aid • Transcript

Persons, Wilton B. (OH-399) (OTHER) 1974. 23 pages.
Finding Aid • Transcript

Petersen, Howard C. (OH-227) War Department official; member, Board of Directors, Panama Canal Company, 1953-68; chairman of fund-raising activities, Citizens for Eisenhower, 1952. (COHP) 1968. 70 pages.
Finding Aid • Transcript

Picking, Lelia G. (OH-7) Classmate of Dwight D. Eisenhower in Abilene, Kansas. (EL) 1965. 24 pages.
Finding AidTranscript

Pittenger, Richard M. (OH-88) Vice-President of Farmers Insurance Group, 1948-1952; active in press affairs at the 1953 Houston Governors’ Conference and the Republican National Convention. (COHP) 1967. 38 pages.
Finding Aid • Transcript

Polland, Milton R. (OH-460) In charge of delegates for Earl Warren at the 1952 Republican National Convention; long-time friend of Goodwin Knight and Hubert Humphrey. (OTHER) 1979. 39 pages.
Finding Aid • Transcript

Portal, Viscount Charles (OH-79) Chief of British Air Staff, 1940-45. (EL) 1968. 11 pages.
Finding AidTranscript

Porter, H. Jack (OH-228) Republican National Committeeman for Texas, 1952-70; active in the Eisenhower campaign in Texas, 1951-52. (COHP) 1969. 47 pages.
Finding Aid • Transcript

Porter, H. Jack (OH-370) (EL) 1975. 53 pages.
Finding AidTranscript

Porter, H. Jack and Joe Ingraham (OH-349) (EL) 1972. 177 pages.
Finding AidTranscript

Post, Langdon (OH-461) Northern California campaign manager for James Roosevelt’s gubernatorial campaign, 1950. (OTHER) 1972. 57 pages.
Finding Aid • Transcript

Powell, Terrell E. (OH-203) Principal, Hall High School, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1957-58; Superintendent of Schools, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1958-61. (COHP) 1972. 35 pages.
Finding Aid • Transcript

Pruden, Wesley (OH-264) President of the Citizens Council during Little Rock, Arkansas school integration crisis, 1957-58. (COHP) 1970. 34 pages.
Finding Aid • Transcript

Pyle, Howard D. and Charles Masterson (OH-120) Administrative Assistant to the President, 1955-59. (COHP) 1967. 134 pages.
Finding Aid • Transcript

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